Parkway Playhouse Quilt Project

Calling all quilters who wish to participate in a area project. Fabrics In The Fray is carrying the fabrics for a quilt to be raffled off for Parkway Playhouse, by Parkway Playhouse. The block are 12.5 x 12.5 inches unfinished. The fabrics are a red, black, and white collection that you can purchase in a bundle of fat eights or you can purchase in whatever size you may need to complete you block. The blocks a picture of the maker and a short story about the name of your block and why you chose it need to be sent to Parkway Playhouse by April 8th. So far the block are beautiful and you can see them and the people who have created them on the Parkway Playhouse Blog. Britt Kauffman the wife of Chad Smoker M.D. took the initiative to head up this fund raiser and it is very successful thus far. Britt, her mother and grandmother as well as her three children are each putting a block in this quilt, that is four generations of quilters. Lets see if the rest us can put blocks in this special quilt. Also in case you did not catch the advertising on my sight for the first in this years season of plays it is “The Quiltmaker”. The show is running May 5-16, 2016 so be sure and check the play it promises to be another great production by Parkway Playhouse in Yancey County, Burnsville, N.C.

Have a great time with your blocks and see you at the Theatre!

About the author: Anita Dowd

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