About Fabrics in the Fray

Welcome to Fabrics in the Fray Quilt Shop

Fabrics in the Fray Quilt Shop was in the planning stages for three years before becoming a reality.

For many years prior to Fabrics in the Fray Quilt Shop opening, there had not been a locally owned quilt shop in Mitchell, Avery, and McDowell Counties and in 2014 there was not a quilt shop in Yancey County; however we have one now Quilt N Code.

It is a pleasure and a dream come true to be able to offer quality 100% cotton quilting fabrics, top of the line notions, patterns, books, etc… to our Quilter and Crafter friends in the neighboring counties as well as guests from all over when visiting Western North Carolina.

Quilting has been an art form for much longer than I have been alive, and it will be practiced long into the future.

There are many forms of quilting today. Originally quilts were created for utilitarian purposes, they have grown to be records for families like photo albums. They are artistic wall decor with mixed media details. Many homes, barns, and businesses have quilt blocks made of plywood on them. Quilts are also made as vehicle wraps.

Quilts do not just bring joy to the quilter, they also bring happiness to those who receive them. Quilts have long been a favorite for wedding and new baby gifts and give comfort to the sick in hospitals all over the world. When the Tsunami hit Japan, the quilters in America made quilts for Japan to be distributed to those in need. Quilts of Valor are now presented to Veteran’s of war and those currently serving. Quilts contain stories and portraits that often out last the individuals who made them.  Quilts were also part of the Under Ground Railroad and helped many a slave acquire freedom. Quilts are a way to preserve our own personal history and artistic abilities.

In addition to quilting, Fabrics in the Fray Quilt Shop is proud to provide a place where all textile artists may come and create in the company of fellow artist’s. So please come by the shop even if just to say hello and introduce yourself.

There will always be a cheerful group of women and men wherever there are quilts, sewing, knitting, cross stitching, and rug hooking. So praise God for making Fabrics in the Fray Quilt Shop possible and allowing me to share my quilting passion and knowledge with others.

Fabrics in the Fray Quilt Shop is located in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. We are at 51 Summit Avenue in downtown Spruce Pine in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

Thank you for taking time to read about Fabrics in the Fray Quilt Shop.

I look forward to meeting you all as we travel the journey of life.


Anita Dowd

Founder & Owner