A new service at Fabrics In The Fray (BINDING)……..

We have decided to begin offering binding here at Fabrics In The Fray Quilt Shop. What exactly does that mean you ask? It means we will begin binding quilts for our customers. You can bring the binding or we will use your fabric and create the binding. I know this seems to go to be true!!! Well its true and we are always looking for ways to offer better service to our customer’s.

King Size $30.00

Queen Size $25.00

Double Size $20.00

Twin Size $15.00

Lap or Crib Size $10.00

Now that you have fainted, collect yourself and call us at 828-467-3991 and bring us your quilt so we can put the binding on for you. If bringing us the fabric than make sure there is enough to cut 2.5 inch strips to cover all the way around. If you make it then the binding needs to be large enough to go around the quilt. It is always better to have extra then not enough. So with this in mind make sure you measure twice and cut strips accordingly. Thanks and come to your hometown shop for this service…



About the author: Anita Dowd