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Locally Owned Full Service Quilt Shop in Spruce Pine, North Carolina

Fabrics In The Fray “Towing & Sewing” 2018

Fabrics In The Fray “Towing & Sewing”  2018
Hello Quilters and future Quilters, Fabrics In The Fray wants you to be the first to see our Mobil Unit. It is a work in progress as we are renovating it into a mobil quilt shop. We bought this 1971 Avion, it is 31 feet long and will be bringing fabrics, and notions to the surrounding communities here in Western North Carolina to meet your quilting needs without you having to travel any further than your main street in your town. As a young person I remember the Book Mobil coming to our community and the excitement  it created for all us young readers and so was born the notion for me that if they could do that then, than we could borrow the idea and use it now for our quilting customers. I am including images as we move on in this fun creative adventure. So check out the images here on the site as we add them all the way through until the big reveal of the final "Quilt Shop on Wheels". Thanks for your support!! Anita Dowd <(This is a picture of the beautiful flooring we placed        in the camper.)     (Here is a picture of the camper after we painted it.)            (Here is a picture of the camper when we bought it.)
Leaderboard Unit
Leaderboard Unit